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Saw that tiredofwired had done the big meme about your lj friends so I thought I'd take a spin through it again.

Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
1) What do you disagree with dragonflyknight about? His honor.
2) What languages does dragonflyknight speak? English and I think he has a bit of Spanish.
3) Does zariel7 go to your school? He goes to where I used to go to school.
4) moocowrich's eye color? White. Around the edges, anyway.
5) How would lady_fox kill thian_un? I'm going to go with breaking her neck between her thighs.
6) If lady_fox took over the world, who would suffer? Mormons?
7) What is guardian852's favorite movie? I don't want to think about it. He likes a lot of bad movies.
8) Thoughts on thian_un? Man can she ever tango.
9) Are jinxmurphy and runthebear going steady? If they are I fear what mythic might do to both of them.
10) What video game does tezcatlipoca4 remind you of? Def Jam, of course.
11) Do you think zoogeek is hot? Who doesn't?
12) What is creogaudium's favorite food? I've no idea. Not cassoulet, apparently.
13) Is chocomonkey dead sexy? I haven't seen her in four years. Post a picture and I'll tell you.
14) If cptjillsparrow and feralkiwi were siamese twins, where would they be joined? At the back so they could kangaroo box without having to worry about being jumped.
15) Are resplendant_sun and lacrimawanders going out? Nope.
16) What flavor of jello would returnofglitter be? Soco and lime.
17) Does thegelf do drugs? Just booze and caffiene.
18) Do zariel7 and alaman go to the same school? No they don't.
19) Is mythic your best friend? She's a fucking awesome friend and I miss her so
20) If batmiles had a superpower, what would it be? In City of Heroes terms he'd be a Tank. I remember his Starcraft tactics.
21) Is batmiles friends with chocomonkey? Don't think they know each other.
22) What is kaylithin's favorite game? Either Exalted or Find the Organ
23) If chocomonkey and lacrimawanders were spliced together, what would be its name? Sruiseed
24) What animal should moocowrich be combined with? I'd say goat except he combines with them on a regular basis already.
25) Do you have a crush on canetonlaid? Not for several years.
26) Has jinxmurphy dyed their hair? No but he should consider blue highlights and a punk look.
27) Where did you first meet intoxic8dmonkey? Rocky Horror auditions. She was a fucking awesome Janet.
28) Would you make out with feralkiwi? I can't imagine many men who wouldn't.
29) Is aetrix9 a college student? Not anymore.
30) What would cptjillsparrow give fynixsoul for his/her birthday? Probably a hug.
31) One quality you find attractive in shadow1869? I love her passion. In politics, in culture, in dance, she's excited about everything, and it shows.
32) Is theljparadox popular? Within his campus culture.
33) What is zoogeek's shoe size? I'd guess a woman's 8.
34) Is resplendant_sun a high school student? Not anymore.
35) If rockbitergrr took over the world, who would be happy? Anyone taking a hit of E.
36) Do you have not_a_girl's screenname? I do and you can't have it.
37) What exotic animal would sister_bluebird like as a pet? A gryphon.
38) Which president would thian_un be likely to idolize? Kennedy? I have no idea.
39) What word best describes shadow1869? Radiant.
40) Is resplendant_sun in a relationship? Not to my knowledge.
41) Are resplendant_sun and runthebear married? Yes. He's not in a relationship but he's married to runthebear. Think, Mcfly, think!
42) Is leadacid related to you? Nope.
43) Has creogaudium been to your house/dorm? To my old dorm, yes.
44) What is batmiles's favorite band/artist? No idea.
45) What mental disorder does shadow1869 remind you of? Hispanamania.
46) Is guardian852 an emo? Not anymore.
47) When did you last call jinxmurphy? I don't think I've ever called him.
48) Would you set up genghisishippie and intoxic8dmonkey? Hmm... I haven't seen Hunger and Genghis fight in awhile.
49) Have you flirted with shadow1869? *wry grin*
50) Where would conanmagruder most like to visit? I don't know, Conan. Where would you like to visit?
51) If canetonlaid commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Robots. Propsie would get them for her.
52) Is ocarina_justin introverted or extroverted? Extroverted.
53) Have you ever dated creogaudium? Nope.
54) Would you wrestle tiredofwired in jello? Yes but I'd wrestle anyone, anywhere.
55) What is feralkiwi's favorite color? Blue?
56) What rank would adsartha have in a giant robot army? Second assistant programmer.
57) Where was neomagus123 born? I have no clue.
58) How tall is runthebear? 5'4"
59) Does ggiantspongess have a big secret? Yes but it's not very secret.
60) What comic book character would lex_of_green be? Emma.
61) Which of your friends should chuzhuzhe go out with? I think she'd do well with Eugene, the cute Asian grad student from UWMBDA.
62) chocomonkey's hair color? Black as I recall.
63) What planet should dragonflyknight be from? Tralfamadore.
64) How would intoxic8dmonkey conquer the world? "Boy! Go get me the world, bitch." "Get it yourself!" "Fine!" And she would.
65) What would you do if you found out thegelf has a crush on you? Be very surprised and ignore it as she's dating a friend of mine.
66) Does beloitst know chuzhuzhe? I think they met. I hope they did, I think they'd like each other.
67) How long have you known guardian852? Five years.
68) Is cptjillsparrow a nerd? Of the highest caliber.
69) If feodoric were hanging off a cliff, what would thegelf do? She's too small to pull him up so probably tie a rope to a tree and lower it down to help him climb up.
70) What would you do if zariel7 died? Be sad of course.
71) Would vicalis and mythic look good together? Physically yes, but I can't see them as a couple.
72) What color should monkey_bait dye their hair? He shouldn't.
73) Does sister_bluebird travel a lot? I think she goes to cons and SCA events fairly frequently.
74) What would not_a_girl think of thecoweyed? As I recall they got along fairly well.
75) Does shadow1869 have a dog? Why I believe she does.
76) Would quady and hamstrarian make a good couple? I can't see them together.
77) Would batmiles be a better ninja or pirate? I think he is a better pirate but I think he'd make a better ninja with proper training.
78) Is titlecharacter single? Not anymore!
79) What song/movie would you recommend to canetonlaid? Cradle Will Rock but I recommend that for everyone.
80) What animal does feodoric remind you of? A puppy!
81) What do you agree with tezcatlipoca4 about? We miss Clint McCown.
82) Would you ever date returnofglitter? I think we might just kill each other because of our mood swings.
83) Is fynixsoul athletic? Not particularly
84) One thing you can't stand about thegelf? God, her taste in men is awful! And that guy you're with now? I hate him!
85) If runthebear was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? walkthecow
86) Does eloael smoke? I hope not.
87) If ocarina_justin and conanmagruder were spliced together, what would it be like? Gamy.
88) Is shadow1869 related to d33pthought? I highly doubt it
89) Could you see quady and thian_un together? Actually I could. They'd be cute.
90) What is ggiantspongess's biggest flaw? Distance
91) Does leadacid have a crush on fynixsoul? I don't believe so
92) What is eloael allergic to? Nothing I know of
93) Does hamstrarian drink? I believe so
94) How long would alaman dating chocomonkey last? About as long as it takes me to finish this quiz
95) Where was zariel7 born? Minneapolis?
96) How many monkeys could darkskywatcher fight at once and win against? A great many. He'd be a blond tower of monkey-fighting rage!
97) What would lady_fox do differently in your shoes? More men.
98) Did sister_bluebird break up with you? Nope.
99) Would pntofnortrn101 go out with lady_fox? I can actually see that.
100) Is canetonlaid 1337? no but she's h4w7

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