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There's something inherently satisfying about taking out the last pin while sewing. Keep in mind when the last pin is removed there's still about an inch of fabric left to be sewn together, but it's the first point in the project when the cloth A) resembles the finished project, and B) is completely flexible. The fabric is soft again and looks good but still needs work thus reinforcing the attachment between the act of creation and the created object. It's the point in the process where I truly feel accomplished.

Tonight's project was another blindfold for larp. This is why:

I'm happy to say each progressive blindfold has functioned a bit better. The first one, the one in the picture, cut off circulation in my ears and cut off my hearing. The second one, for which there are no photographs to my knowledge, did its job rather admirably until the ribbons which replaced the general wrap-around design, began to fray. And continued to. Rapidly. The current version has switched to a two-ribbon system to prevent movement while going around the ears. The result, however, is that while it's untied it looks like an albino jellyfish with elephantitis.

I don't have a job anymore. Why am I not more upset about this?

Ah yes. One hour til dancing with guardian852 and shadow1869. They do make everything better. And dancing doesn't hurt either.

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