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So I went dancing tonight up in Waunakee at the Dollar Dance to benefit the Red Cross. Good dance but that's not the point. They had a number of dance teachers there auctioning off private lessons to help raise money. Still not the point.

One of the teachers is apparently close friends with this guy, Anthony something or other, who founded the public school ballroom dance program in New York City as a youth outreach program. She's trying to start a similar program in Wisconsin. All this was just a way for her to introduce the guy (he was actually there) who was giving away some movies as door prizes, but when she got off stage I went and talked to her about volunteering to help her with the program. She was very excited and we're going to talk about it on Tuesday. I don't know if I know enough to teach, but at the very least I should be able to help with coordinating stuff with the schools, organizing volunteers, etc.

I've been looking for something to volunteer with to give back to the communty and this is just awesome.
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