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So on Monday Kami, manager of Kimia Lounge, offers me a job. I tell him I can't start until today because I need to hear back from other places but I'll have an answer for him by Friday. He tells me this isn't a problem. Friday I call, he's not there but I leave a message accepting the job. He never calls me back. I try back on Saturday. He can't come to the phone. I call back today, he's not there but will be there in the afternoon. I call back at 4:15. He's in a meeting but I leave another messgae. At 4:30 he calls me, very rushed, very harried. Basically he says he expected me to come in on Friday and that he needed someone right away and hired two people but I should contact him again if I still want to work there to which I say I'd love to work for them. He says great, come in sometime. I barely get off that I'll come in tomorrow at three to which he says a hasty, "ok" and hangs up.

Do I have a job or not?

Lesson learned.

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