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GenCon Schedule

Prospective Schedule for 2012:

8:00 - SPA1233118 - Tai Chi
10:00 - SEM1229373 - Invitation to the Ball: A History of Ballroom Dance (note: I am running this event)
12:00 - SPA1229362 - Ballroom Dance for Beginners: Waltz (note: Cristin and I are running this event)
1:00 - SPA1229363 - Latin Dance for Beginners: Rumba (note: Cristin and I are running this event)
2:00 - LRP1230757 - Evil League of Evil Tryouts
7:00 - ENT1229381 - "Le Dorke d'Arthur: The Humpening"
9:00 - ENT1229371 - Glitter Guild Burlesque (geek-themed burlesque show)

10:00 - BGM1230586 - Last Night on Earth
12:00 - SPA1229366 - Ballroom Dance for Beginners: Tango (note: Cristin and I are running this event)
1:00 - SPA1229370 - Country Dancing for Beginners: Polka (note: Cristin and I are running this event)
2:00 - LRP1229801 - Raising the Imperial Standard (L5R)
8:00 - LRP1230760 - Peace of the Blade (7th Sea)

9:00 - SPA1234232 - Zumba with Sean
11:00 - SPA1229374 - Swing Dancing for Beginners: Jittberbug (single time swing) (note: Cristin and I are running this event)
12:00 - RPG1236849 - Technocrats on Ice (Mage: The Ascension)
4:00 - SPA1233897 - 70's/80's Dance
5:00 - SPA1229793 - Poi spinning for beginners
7:00 - SEM1229394 - Geek Psychology 101
9:00 - ENT1237593 - Gen Con Masquerade Ball

8:00 - RPG1229344 - Bureau 13: The Pittsburgh Ripper (d20 Modern)

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