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This past weekend was DC Dance Inferno, to my knowledge the largest collegiate ballroom competition on the east coast. It is, for lack of a better word, ginormous. Seriously, I can't express the scope of this thing. My last competition was DC Dance Challenge, which I danced uncontested with Wynd in early October, which is a small local comp that got about 50 couples; DCDI got 801*. It was also my first time competing with Ruth, my regular competition partner, since Disco America, back in July, and our first big competition since Clover, back in March.

We did light years better than expected.


American Rhythm
Cha Cha (73 couples): Semi-finals
Rumba (73 couples): Semi-finals
East Coast Swing (74 couples): Semi-finals
Mambo (47 couples): Finals, 7th overall in mambo

International Standard
Waltz (105 couples): Semi-finals
Tango (100 couples): Semi-finals
Foxtrot (88 couples): Semi-finals
Quickstep (101 couples): First round elimination

American Smooth
Waltz (61 couples): Semi-finals
Tango (59 couples): Semi-finals
Foxtrot (55 couples): Quarter-finals
Viennese Waltz (45 couples): First round elimination
Overall: 13th in smooth

International Latin
Cha Cha (112 couples): 2nd round
Rumba (111 couples): 2nd round
Samba (101 couples): Quarter-finals
Jive (109 couples): First round elimination
Overall: 41st in Latin

My goal going in was to make it to the second round in half of our dances and I thought that would be a tall order. I was in shock the whole weekend as we advanced to round after round after round. Hell, some of those dances we only started a month or two ago including two of the hardest dances there are, international foxtrot and samba!

The competition was exciting but the biggest thrill is that all the hard work we've been putting in for the past year is paying off on the floor.

Other highlights include:

- Wynd is the most amazing girlfriend in the universe. She spent her whole weekend at the comp, videoed most of the heats, dealt with uncomfortable chairs, hours of waiting, assisted with logistics, and was still cheering us on. Best. Girlfriend. Ever.

- Seeing old friends. Lin from Wisconsin. Ryan and Pinar from Philly Festival. Getting to cheer them on.

- Getting to cheer on friends. Go John and Kelsey!

- Did I mention part of the reason Wynd is awesome is because she videoed everything?

* This does not include TBA entries, dancers who register without a partner and are assigned one at the competition itself.
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