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Philly Festival

Had a great time at Philly Festival!

Amateur Bronze Solo
Waltz - First Place (uncontested) - Ellen and I did the waltz I choreographed and we performed at the Blue Ballroom showcase back in December. Ugh. This was one of my worst times dancing this routine. My legs just gave out. No idea what happened. I feel ashamed of this performance and bad for letting Ellen down, but I think I redeemed myself later. Hopefully I can redeem the waltz tomorrow at the Top Hat showcase. On the plus side, we got some good comments from the judges.

Amateur Full Bronze Rhythm Single Dances
Cha Cha - First Place (uncontested) - Rough start and we had a bit of spacing issues, but overall a pretty good run.
Rumba - First Place (uncontested) - Very good run but we still need to work on the attitude and character. I was too far on the edge of the floor; must get used to dancing in the middle of the floor.
East Coast Swing - First Place (uncontested) - One of the best dances we've had. Walks and points were a bit weak but the promenade triples were fantastic, as were the whips. Need to check the video later to see if my footwork went as well as it felt like.
Mambo - First Place (uncontested) - Needs work. I thought our timing was pretty solid, but I'm told we were off close to 80% of the time.

Amateur Bronze International Multi-Dance
Standard Waltz/Quickstep - Tied for First Place (out of two couples) - One of the best waltzes we've ever done. Thought the quickstep went well but Ruth tells me her footwork was constantly off.

Amateur Bronze American Multi-Dance
Smooth Waltz/Tango/Foxtrot - First Place (out of two couples) - Fantastic job in waltz. Did a good job with tango timing but still need to work on staccato actions. Losing frame in foxtrot.
Rhythm Cha Cha/Rumba/East Coast Swing - First Place (out of two couples) - Better with foxtrot this time but lost energy at the end; need to practice for consistency. Rumba went well but again, must focus on characterization. No complaints about east coast swing.
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