suburbaknght (suburbaknght) wrote,

Rumba Choreography

Eliminates most of the traveling that Inna and Tim didn't care for and replaces the back spot turn that Ruth didn't like.

Commence in open facing position.

- Side basic x2 - take L-R handhold at end of second measure

- Quick underarm turn and loop (alamanas) - steps 1-15 only, replace last 3 steps with next figure

- Turning swivels - steps 4-12 only replace first 3 steps with previous figure

- Crossbody lead and outside partner breaks - steps 1-12 only, slide to double handhold on step 4

- Back rumba walks x2 - Double handhold, finish with box ending

- Crossbody lead and open Cuban walks

- Side breaks (cucarachas) - steps 1-12 only. This will finish with QQ/side-replace, ending feet apart. Go into next figure on next S

- Open circular walks

Repeats from quick undearm turn and loop

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