suburbaknght (suburbaknght) wrote,

Dance of the Day - Clover

Someone actually caught us on video! We're couple 102.

Waltz - Really good shot of our waltz from about 17 seconds on. The steps are strong but we're not selling the posture or attitude. I need to get my head up more and we need to be closer together while we're in closed position. The two-way underarm turn needs to not look like I'm reaching.

Tango - Not quite as long. Starts at 51 seconds. Way too far apart in promenade. Heads, as always, need to stay up more. Need to stay closer in the pivot.

Foxtrot - You can see us at the beginning. Our heads need to be a little higher, but really we look damn good, better than a lot of other couples on the floor (and worse than several of the others). You can also see our grapevine toward the end and I'm really not happy with it. It looks a little hesitant; we're not selling our conviction of the step. Must work on facial expression.
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