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GenCon Day 3

Good day today. Began with an introductory kendo workshop. It was nice to do martial arts again, though I prefer the sword styles of aikido and katori shinto ryu. After the workshop, Wynd and I registered for the costume contest and rehearsed on a stage that was much larger and more suitable than how we'd been practicing. Then it was lunch time.

I wolfed down lunch in order to make it to Sultry vs. Slutty, a workshop that was supposed to be about female characters in fiction and gaming. Instead, it was about techniques for writing and being published in the romance writing and erotica fields. I was somewhat disappointed. At this point Wynd and I met back up to line up for the parade before the costume contest. We marshaled with the other costumed participants, marched around the convention, and took our places for the contest.

The results from the contest were about what we figured. We didn't place, but we did a good performance that the audience got into (well, for the first half. We need to limit the length next year to about a minute) and though there were two mistakes we recovered and didn't let them phase us. At the moment the only video I have is one a fellow contestant took for us but the perspective is lousy so I'm waiting to see if anyone posts another recording on YouTube before I put up this one. Regardless, it was fun watching the rest of the costume contest.

Dinner was take out from P.F. Chang's followed by the GenCon Dance. This is the third year they've had a dance, and this was probably the best they've had. Wynd and I got our dance on and - here's the part that thrills me - people kept coming up to us all evening complimenting us on our dancing. Some people who'd seen us in the costume contest or larp, but most of whom only knew us from the social dance. And not just a few people; a lot of them. A few of them even seemed inspired.

I'm happy about today.
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