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GenCon Day 2

On schedule today was a seminar and two larps.

The seminar, "Iron Jock Straps and Chainmaile Bikins," was excellent and I'll be doing a post about it later.

The first larp was Legend of the Five Rings. It was set in Heroes of Rokugan, an alternate timeline as part of an ongoing campaign world set about five hundred years past the current timeline. I played a tattooed monk (of course) and got my riddle speak on for about four hours. Not only were we rather successful, but I got ridiculous numbers of compliments for my costume (lots of people asking me for photographs throughout the day. I expect I'll be on a lot of Flicker pages).

The second larp was 7th Sea. The game was set just after the Montaigne Revolution and we were members of a performance troupe. Because we knew we'd be doing a performance of some kind, we prepared. Initially we'd planned to do a Viennese waltz but it just wasn't coming together and I wasn't comfortable with what we did have so, eight days before the game, we switched dances and I came up with a new routine, a tango routine. Six days before the game, Wynd learned the new choreography. We performed it tonight and kicked ass. It's not perfect, but I'm very happy with these results. It wasn't the best larp I've ever been in, but the game was a lot of fun.

Other good things today: seeing Fro, Dan, Matt, and Becca from Beloit; lunch with Wynd; dinner with Wynd and her friends; lots of random people asking me if they could take my picture.
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