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The Super Snazzy Reflective Summer Meme

The Super Snazzy Reflective Summer Meme

Wait until your summer's just about over before doing this one.

1. What is your best memory of the summer?
2. What is your worst?
3. Name something you learned this summer.
4. Who did you connect with this summer?
5. How was this summer different than last year's? Was it better or worse?
6. What would you differently if you could do it again? What will you do different next year?
7. What does the future hold?

I'm filling this out now since I head out to GenCon on Wednesday, and for me that is the official end of summer.

1. Dancing on New Jersey. That is not a typo.
2. The frustration of searching for summer hotel jobs.
3. How to stop shutting myself off from people. Many thanks to the people who helped me realize I was doing this in the first place (canetonlaid) and who helped me open up (lacrimawanders, mythic, quady).
4. Oh God, so many people. Conan, Katrina, Fro, Jinx, Reed, Iris, Zee, Victoria, Rich, Robyn, Netta, Ocarina, Maryam, Quady, Caitlin (Philadelpha), Dessa, Rookie, Julie, Ben, Adam. My appologies to anyone I've missed.
5. Last year I spent the summer alone with Jessa in an apartment, writing ten pages a day. This summer I've been far less productive but far more social. I've been very introspective this summer and have learned a great deal about myself and what I want. I don't think I can say this summer was better or worse, but I know that I'm happier as this summer ends.
6. I'd have started bartending school earlier. As for next year, I sort of have to.
7. Oh God, oh God, oh God. Graduation. The real world. Aiiieeee!

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