suburbaknght (suburbaknght) wrote,

Paranoia, Mage

Why am I sick? It's not fair. The day was going so well, too.

This morning I went to the thrift shop to size the velvet-lined tuxedo and price it. Then it was over to Katelyn's house to post the info on it for people. Looks like I'll be picking it up tomorrow either way. Good times for Rookie and/or Becca. At Katelyn's it was wait for an hour for everyone to show up, then we drove to her sister's house (we being myself, Caitlin, Reed, Adam, Danfish, Temma, and Thom) where we swam and swam and swam. I got beefed up on testosterone and got seriously out-wrestled and dunked by Danfish but it was fun nonetheless. Lots of fun. I love being in water.

Then it was time for Paranoia. Dan runs a lot of crazy games and while this wasn't his craziest it was still pretty good. We destroyed the solar system. Go us!

By this point I was sick.

Finally it was back to Caitlin's house for the last Mage game of the summer. It was a free-form game that involved a lot of in-player arguing and eventually assassin Series III HIT Marks attacking Danfish. They wounded him then Caitlin killed him and Reed layed the groundwork for World War I. If the campaign were a video game the players received the neutral ending, which is to say real history. The end could have gone better - I hate doing endings, whether in a game or a story or a movie. I'm just no good with them - but it went well enough methinks. All in all everyone seemed to really like the game itself.

Now I'm at home, my nose dripping like a leaky faucet, hoping I'm better by concert time tomorrow. Must... heal...

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