suburbaknght (suburbaknght) wrote,

Year's End

A few of my friends have been doing that meme where you post the first sentence of the first entry from each month. I'd rather do something a bit more introspective. I'll be doing a big year in perspective post on the 14th for reasons that will become obvious, but for now...

January - I moved to Madison and began life outside school. I joined a dojo, connected with old friends, and started building a life.

February - Got my first post-college job. It sucked. On the other hand, this is the month I got serious about dancing.

March - Left my first post-college job. They were going under and I wasn't going down with the ship.

April - Got my second post-college job. It sucked even more.

May - Quit my second post-college job when I realized there is a certain point at which one must say, "Enough!" Resolved to get a real job. Although I graduated in December, this is when I went through the ceremony.

June - Came back to Philly for the first time since I left for the real world. It felt very strange but optimistic. I didn't have a job but I had prospects.

July - Started work at Epic. Finally felt like I was making It work.

August - Went to GenCon, my first real vacation. Moved in with Eric, the first time I felt like I was living in a place that was actually mine.

September - Began serious ballroom training. Had my second business trip for Epic and finally got my Eggs Benedict. Finally felt that I'd made It.

October - Made my decision not to join BBDT but to pursue other avenues of training for competition.

November - Made a very important decision about what I wanted from my personal life. It's been the right decision.

December - Planned my first Big Trip as an independent adult. Made an important decision about my career. Joined a competition team.

This has been a good year.

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