February 25th, 2010



There's been a firestorm of controversy in Philly lately. One of the suburban school districts which distributes laptops to its students for at home use remotely activated the laptop's webcam and key tracing program. They took pictures of the his bedroom and e-mails which suggested he was dealing drugs. Now his parents are suing the school for invasion of privacy. Read a surprisingly non-biased article from NPR here. Read a more biased (in favor the student) but also more descriptive article by the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

I've been opposed to the school district since the moment I first heard about this, but I've finally realized what bothers me so much about the controversy: it's sexist.

How do you think people would react if instead of a fourteen year old boy this were a fourteen year old girl who school administrators were watching, without her knowledge, in her bedroom?