January 25th, 2010


Gaming Weekend

Fantastic time at Spycraft larp. Barely more than a half-dozen players showed but still a truly excellent game. In addition, larp + tux = awesome.

Half-Weekend in Roküggin: The Cheap Gaijin Knock-Off did pretty well. 8 out of 10. Close to a dozen players, two tables, and despite some last minute shifts we got the games out and people had a pretty good time. Unfortunately things ran over so Wynd and I didn't get to go swing dancing with d33pthought and his girlfriend as we'd intended, but still a good time.

L5R larp. Sadly it's winding down, but after three years (though I've only been playing for one) it's time. My character made a lot of progress and I think he'll have a good ending for this game, and there are some good possibilities for the next game.

Not the weekend, but still gaming-related. Some good news from Rolla about HoR III. Can't talk about it here, but I wouldn't be surprised if we have an official announcement at SynDCon.