December 12th, 2006


Swingers' Ball

Info for this year's Swingers' Ball in Chicago has been posted. Last year's was one of the best dance events I've ever been to and I'm looking forward to going back this year. Chicago people: please come. Beloit/Madison people: let me know if you want to come. And just in case you're too lazy to click that link, here's the low-down:

Date: Saturday February 3, 2007
Where: The World Famous Willowbrook Ballroom
What? A Big Ass Swing Dancing Affair*
Who's Playing? Thomas Gunther is the musical director for three different bands on this evening in the main ballroom.

The Flat Cats have tentatively confirmed that they will play The Bunkeris downstairs.

What is the attire? Look like a Lady of the Ball and Be a Sophisticated Gent!

What else is going on? Dance Performances and The First Swinger's Ball Dance Showcase. A Jam Styled Lindy Hop Dance Contest. $800 to the winner. Whoever brings it the hardest wins! There will be only One Winner.

What's The Damage? $20.00 in advance. $25.00 at the door

Who can come? This is an all ages affair

*Primarily lindy but also east coast and west coast in the Bunker. No "Battle of the Coasts" this year to my knowledge.


From my sister. I'm so Cheltenham.

You know you're from Cheltenham when:

1) You use the term "salty" in casual conversation
2) You've smoked pot with one of your teachers
3) You either go to Temple or have thought seriously about transferring there
4) You think people are joking when they say they're Republicans
5) You know where Bill Cosby lives
6) You think people from Abington are trashy
7) There’s no question that Ms. Jackie and her golf cart were more than adequate security
8) You dated Sporango
9) You still get pissed off when you think about the gym hallways
10) Half the fun of going the bathroom was reading about Lauren Daniels' "Rican ass" on the stall door
11) The highlight of Senior year was getting Carmen the janitor invited to Senior prom
12) You had your prom in Camden
13) You got tangled up in some weave while trying to pass the swimming test freshman year
14) You never actually used the front doors to the building
15) You'd rather walk home on snow days/holidays than wait for the bus
16) You'll drive 40 minutes to Warrington just to avoid the Cheltenham Square Mall movie theater
17) You learned more dance moves while dry-humping inebriated strangers than your college friends will learn in a lifetime
18) The star of your football team robbed two Wawas at gunpoint and was still able to finish the season
19) You were verbally abusive to at least one librarian
20) The only book you ever remember reading was "The Great Gatsby"
21) The best part of Halloween was Mrs. Esslinger in that Pumpkin costume
22) Somehow you knew Mrs. Leeds...
23) You may not be Jewish, but you've attended services in at least five different synagogues (even though I am Jewish)
24) Your middle school gym teacher is in jail for dealing cocaine
25) You were probably involved in some music organization, though you now deny it (good luck on anyone but my parents remembering this)
26) You've burned ghosts in effigy on the front field
27) You walked out the day Bush began bombing Iraq
28) You love Mr. Rogers and think it's a shame that they named that heinous library after him
29) You'll drive all the way from the Village just to get to the Glenside JENKINTOWN Wawa
30) You've taken SEPTA from Elkins Park to Glenside
31) You’re not all that surprised about the dead body found in a limo outside of the Hess
32) Prom night was the best night of your life, despite a sub-par band, a limo without air-conditioning, and having half your stuff stolen
33) You hated Ms. Littlepage
34) A man with an IQ of 70 taught you how to drive
35) More crazy things happened by 11:00 PM than could ever happen at an all-night college party