November 26th, 2006


Good Trip

Thanksgiving was awesome. Dinner with my extended family was one of the best we've ever had: I love my sister, my parents are incredible, and I even like my cousins' boyfriends. My parents gave me an absolutely amazing present that helps me out immensely. On Friday Adam and I traded dance lessons (my merengue and American tango for his Argentine) and that evenin I saw an excellent play about Richard Feynman with my parents. And on Saturday there was a phenomanal trip to Plymouth Meeting for dancing.

Then on the way back I got bumped off my second leg flight from Milwaukee to Madison, so instead Midwest put me in limousine that was more comfortable than the plane and took another twenty minutes, and gave me a voucher for a free round-trip anywhere in the country. You know what that means? It means I get my wish for that plane ticket to Vermont (Boston?) this Spring. Plans will be shared as they develop.