November 5th, 2006



This was an awesome weekend for dancing. Friday was UWMBDA that had lots and lots of new people and very few of the experienced people (at least follows). It was a dance that reminded me of everything I like and everything I tolerate about the organization. Great DJing too.

Saturday was even more awesome with Masquerade down in Beloit. Although several of my favorite people weren't there many of my favorite people were. It was mostly party music, less ballroom, which in my mind always means lots and lots of hustle. Considering hustle is my favorite of the nightclub rhythms, and my just be my favorite overall, I have no problem with this. Thank you everybody who asked me to teach them something last night: you make my ego happy. Thank you everybody who danced with all weekend: you make me smile.

The Masquerade itself was absolutely gorgeous. People did an incredible job decorating. returnofglitter did a phenomenal job organizing everything and was a pretty solid DJ (thanks for putting my songs in the mix!). People seemed to like my mask and the velvet jacket worked out great until it got too hot. Actually everything got too hot; my mask didn't breathe and sweat collected on my face until I felt like I just got out of the shower. All the hustles weren't helping on that front. But still:


Edit: And while it's still fresh in my mind, a special kudos to draconicmist who is well on her way to becoming a certified hepcat.

Facebook Highschool Reunion

You know how people say that Facebook is fun but useless? I'm not so sure.

Recently I found a few people from my graduating highschool class and friended them. This set off a veritable wave of people I knew from Cheltenham friending me. The weird thing was most of them were people who I remember existing in highschool but I can't remember ever speaking with. We weren't friends then, we're definitely not friends now, yet they want to be Facebook friends. I am confused.

The weirdest thing, though, was after joining the Cheltenham Class of 2001 group I found out a girl from my class was putting together an informal reunion over Thanksgiving break. Five years. It's both a good and a bad place to have a reunion. Basically it's framing college: you don't see any of these people after you graduate highschool, then within about a year of graduating college you have a reunion. How much can people have changed?

The answer, of course, is a lot. As I've told a lot of my highschool friends, I don't hold them accountable for anything they did to me in highschool. Lord knows I'm not the same person and just as I don't want to be held to what sixteen year old Alex did, I don't think they should be held to what they're sixteen year old self did. Everyone is an idiot in highschool. Everyone.

So I'm sure most of those people have changed. At the same time, why should I want to see them again? Most of my friends were from the class of 2002, and the friends I really cared about I stayed in contact with. These aren't people I really have anything to say to and while I'm sure most of them have interesting stories about the past five years I have no relation to them nor they to me.

I'd planned to go to the reunion. My parents got theater tickets for that night.

Guess I'll try for the ten year reunion instead.

It's journal entries like this that make me question the wisdom of having LJ auto-upload to notes on Facebook. Huzzah!