October 28th, 2006


Rocky Post - Take 1 (Pink is for sluts!)

There will be another, in-depth post about Rocky some time tomorrow or Monday, but in the meantime, several people asked me to teach them call backs. Except for draconicmist that isn't really possible to a large extent. What I can do is send you the script I wrote out with my callbacks. When I was directing this is the script I wrote out to teach the Trannies. It has my favorite callbacks as of three years ago and takes out a lot of the duplicate or alternative callbacks. It is not complete and I do not update it as I believe callbacks should remain dynamic rather than a complete set script. This means you take the script as a starting place and work on it.

The best way to learn the callbacks: study. Saturday afternoon, read the script. Saturday evening, go up to Madison or Milwaukee or down to Chicago and see the show (in my case it was Deleware but who's counting?). When you come home, re-read the script before bed. After two or three shows you'll have it down.

So if you want a copy, post here and I'll send you an e-mail with a fairly large text file.