October 19th, 2006


Parked in

I'm parked in. Should be at the gym right now. Apparently that's not an option.

It seems it's Steve Brown Apartments' policy not to page for parking problems but rather just leave a message at the office. I fail to see how that helps me as opposed to, say, calling a tow truck. Currently I'm trying to figure out bus schedules.

Fuck, this is not what I need right now.

Update: It took an hour and a half, but the bus finally got me here. Today's word of the day is, "surl."

Update: Just got off the phone with S.B.A. They're going to "look in" to authorizing the emergency maintenance people to call towing companies. Yeah, sure. Apparently the girl who parked me in did have a permit but hadn't bothered to put it on her car and I was in her space. Why wasn't I in my space? Because someone was in it. Why didn't I call S.B.A.? Because I have before and it doesn't do anything. They're dropping off paperwork to switch my spot to 114 W. Gorham. We'll see if that lot's any better.