September 21st, 2006


Dance Classes

There are a number of rhythms in ballroom dance, rhythms like east coast swing, tango, and so on. Beloit dances eight regularly (cha-cha, foxtrot, merengue, rumba, salsa, swing, tango, and waltz) and two irregularly (mambo and samba), with the occassional odd rhythm as a special request after the dance or the featured rhythm of the evening. Eight. That's not bad.

UWMBDA dances eighteen.

The non-Beloit rhythms include Argentine tango, bolero, hustle, nightclub two-step, quickstep, samba line dance, Viennese waltz, and west coast swing. Needless to say I had to step up my lessons when I came to Madison and I can now dance over half these extra rhythms somewhere between "I can't believe I'm doing this," to "This is fun." The street dances - hustle, nightclub, samba line dance - were easy enough to pick up at dances while some such as bolero and west coast required lessons.

Yet three rhythms remain perpetually out of reach: Argentine tango, quickstep, and Viennese waltz. Viennese is only taught in upper level ballroom classes so I just have to be patient. Besides, it'll be the featured rhythm for one of the Winter dances this year so I should at least get a primer. Argentine is going to require dedicated study so I've out that on hold as well. But quickstep? Oh quickstep...

For the third time I'm being forced to defer quickstep lessons (this time a Union mini-series) due to conflicts with another dance class, this time with my west coast class.

I am frustrated!

Maybe I can ask Winnie to give me something to practice next Beloit dance.