September 17th, 2006


Dancing (and the best Dance of the Day ever)

This weekend was the first UWMDA dance of the year which in my mind marks the kick-off for the Madison. I went to the dance with my roommte orochinagi and his sister Rachel. In spite of generally having a pretty good time there were some problems. I got VERY angry with a lot of the experienced dancers who, during the lessons (they did both a waltz and swing lesson) opted to sit on the wall and ignore all the new dancers without practice partners. Now granted not all of them did this but it was still a majority and it's a rude thing for any dancer to do. I lost of respect for a lot of people that night.

I did dance a few dances with the experienced dancers, though I did my best to make sure they weren't the lesson dances of the evening and even then I tried to dance them with people I hadn't seen over the summer. The one exception was Rachel (not Eric's sister Rachel) and I danced what may have been clearly was the best cha-cha of my life. Just nailed that shit to the floor. For the rest of the dance I pretty much stuck to newbies, either helping them practice their waltz and swing or teaching them new dances like rumba, cha-cha, merengue, and hustle. Eventually that got to be draining and so orochinagi and I decided to split early.

Saturday was the Beloit dance. It didn't get as flooded with people as last time but still had quite a good turn out. The lesson was merengue which leads us to today's Dance of the Day.

Many of you have seen me write about shadow1869, my favorite dance partner in Beloit. Now see her learning to lead while dancing with her friend Jackie.

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The dance itself was awesome. I love love love dancing with Shadow. And Ivy and Caroline were there who are both awesome partners, and some new freshman girl named Zan, and Morgan and Jasmine and Sarah Bennet showed up (squee!) and I finally got to waltz with Rhiannon outside of our lessons, and Leslie (anyone rememer Leslie) came up from Rockford and she seemed to really like dancing and, and, and yay! Plus Jie showed up and I figured out the problem she's been having with swing: her natural talent is Latin dancing and when she learns that her hips are going to kick anyone who so much as looks at her cross-eyed right in the face! Then afterwards Darrah put on both hustle and west coast songs for me which I got to dance with Ivy as Shadow had already gone home and she picked them up right away, even nailing the breaks in hustle.

I love dancing at Beloit. If only Darrah would put bolero, hustle, and west coast on the mix.

After dancing there was a trip to Flying J's for breakfast at 1:00 AM. I got back to Madisonaround 4:00.

Man that was aweome.

Oh yeah, and I'm heading out dancing tonight. Hooplah!