September 5th, 2006



I just got an e-mail from E.N. Publishing that E.N. Arsenal: Two-Bladed Sword, a d20 supplement I wrote for them two years ago is still selling. Given that RPG books normally do 90% of all their sales within two months of initial release this is incredible. Granted, it's not selling much, but still enough to push me over the payment threshhold (they withhold royalties until you have a given amount) so I get an extra forty bucks this month. Sweet!

Dance of the Day - Sort Of

I'm posting this early because I won't have time to write this out tomorrow morning as I head out to Texas for my second go-live.

Today there was an e-mail from BBDT - Badger Ballroom Dance Team - the group I take lessons with. In late October there will be a showcase featuring routines by any member that wants to do one. Beginners were encouraged to create routines and participate.

Listen to this song while ignoring the video. It's just an AMV and contains no dancing (this is all peripheral) but it's the best copy of the song I could find. I've wanted to choreograph a waltz to this song for months. But the showcase? As tempting as it is, I'm turning it down. This is a seven minute song. That's a long time. People don't want to sit through the same dance for that long, I don't know seven minutes' worth of waltz, and they don't give that much time to the pros, let alone people who haven't even competed at bronze.

That said.

This song is the soundtrack for the dance of the day. The actual dance hasn't been danced yet. This song will be reposted next year, however, and this dance, the one I've been dreaming of doing for months, will happen, whether with Althea or some other dancer. I want to make something beautiful.