August 27th, 2006


Dance of the Day - Dance With Me

While I respect and enjoy "Weapon of Choice," I really have to list "Dance With Me" as my favorite music video for dancing. Rather than dance to the music (which is usually a cha-cha but I more often see people doing tango when this come on) the dancers compile nearly every style of dance one can imagine: hip-hop, ballroom, jazz, ballet, theater arts, and so on. For your pleasure: "Dance With Me" by Debelah Morgan.


I had a dance lesson today. My first ever private dance lesson. It was with Trevor and Laura, the Jumptown instructors, so naturally it was a lindy lesson. Or perhaps not so naturally; I suppose we could have been doing Charleston but this was Lindy. The lesson was excellent Amazingly helpful. Apparently I was wrong with regard to my lack of a natural sense of rhythm; I have one, I just perceive rhythm differenly than most people in a way that does not involve counting. We worked a great deal on rhythm and connection, and the end result was extremely helpful.

That said, I still can't decide if I should do lindy or ballroom come September. Suggestions?

After the lesson I grabbed dinner then caught an evening show of Step It Up, the new dance movie. It was acceptable, if not great, but it got me thinking. Beauty is important. I realized tonight how important beauty is to me. It finally occurred to me that there's a connectoin between my writing and my dancing, tht my writing is an attempt to create something beautiful just as my dancing is an attempt to share something beautiful. Even the way I dress, the product I use on my skin, is an attempt to be beautiful. It is not perfection I seek, but a jot of appearnce, not simple supperficial appearance but a true reflection.

I want to be beautiful.