August 21st, 2006


Real Update

It's been awhile since I did a real update so here goes.

I've finally moved into my new place with orochinagi. It's a little small but the location is excellent and we're getting along great. Hopefully we'll have people over for brunch or dinner soon, but it'll probably have to wait til I'm finished my trips for Epic.

Speaking of Epic, the job continues to go well. I passed my certification project for Core, though I need to take the test again. Still, I love the company and I'm starting to get real work, albeit on a limited scale. The upcoming trips are exciting, if a little intimidating. Meh. If I can jump out of a plane I can do this.

The ballroom class at Kanopy finished up and was one of the best classes I've ever done. Sadly I won't be in the next series they do as I'll be rejoining Jumptown for Lindy. To continue with ballroom I'll be starting my instructor training with Becci soon so I can do the volunteer teaching. Should be exciting. Dance in general is exciting. UWMBDA continues to rock my world though I find myself increasingly drawn to the smooth styles, like waltz and foxtrot, and away from the swing and cha cha that got me excited in the first place, though I suspect Jumptown may give me some more to be excited about. I'm also back at Madison West Coast Swing and will hopefully be traveling to Minneapolis for a masked ball in late December. Still I increasingly look forward to the first Beloit dance.

I do not have TB.

Aikido is hard. Katori is hard. I've decided to keep up with both of them and have abandoned plans to pursue ballet, at least for the time being.

Still need to see Snakes on a Plane.

Got a hair cut. Nothing significant, just thought I'd make mention.

I picked up the two latest Terry Goodkind books. This is a series I started back in highschool and it was one of the defining literary events of my life. Then the series got progressively worse, both in style and subject matter, and I couldn't bring myself to read the ninth book. Now that I have a place to read I devoured the ninth and am half way through the tenth. It's gotten better, though not back to its old levels. Goodkind's politics continue to be mired in naivete and a highschool level understanding of Ayn Rand and Adam Smith, but they've gotten a little complex at least. I'll be happy to see the series finish, but I'll also be happy to see the series finish. It's been a good trip.

Eric's cat is insane.