July 30th, 2006


Ballroom Teaching

So a few months ago (I can't find the post) I went to a dance in Waunakee. There I met Becci Eilders and Pierre Dulaine. Pierre started the New York City youth ballroom dance program and was the inspiration for the movie Take the Lead. Becci is a friend of his and is trying to start a similar program in Madison. That night she officially announced that she was starting the program and made a call for volunteers. I responded. Fastforward to last week.

After having gone several months without hearing from her, I called Becci. The program's been going forward and she's been volunteering in three schools but wants to expand it. Now it's at the point where she can make use of me. So tonight Althea and I went to a social dance she hosts to speak to her. She's going to put me in her international class, to teach me international style but more to train me as an instructor. I'm going to learn how to teach this stuff, then I'll get to actually teach it.


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