July 23rd, 2006


Delicious, Delicious Failure

The following are things I enjoy doing but lack any talent for. I enjoy them and pursue them, often accomplishing a great deal due to hard work and perseverance, but whatever ability I have is the result of skill, not native talent. Consequently proficiency takes me a great deal longer than that of most practitioners, and I will never be top notch, but I still enjoy it nonetheless.

Martial Arts: Aikido is important to me. The philosophy and culture, to say nothing of the value of self defense, are key to my beliefs. That said no aikido technique has ever come naturally to me.

Games: I enjoy games. A great deal in fact and can be somewhat good at them, but while I can learn the rules rather easily, applying them is a challenge. I have an intuitve abstract understanding, but in actual play for any game, whether it's building a d20 character, maneuvering pieces on a chess board, or playing CCG cards against each other, I tend to overlook a great many things and make dumb decisions.

Strategy: Very cool. I'm still not an Akodo.

Dancing: Two words: uphill battle.

Dance of the Day - Charleston

What may or may not be the second-most popular dance craze of all time. But the real reason Charleston matters: it was the first popular social dance that you didn't need a partner for. Thus I've chosen a clip that includes both solo and partnered Charleston. Also note this 20's Charleston pictured here is very different from the 30's Charleston most swing dancers do these days.


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My Super Ex-Girlfriend is surprisingly good. I can't remember hte last time I laughed so hard at a movie. Go see it, seriously.

On a related note, why is Uma Thurman considered attractive?