July 20th, 2006


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The delicious spinach salad I made on Wednesday has become excessively unpleasant by Thursday. I suspect it was one of my housemates moving things around and accidentally removing the saran wrap, which they either didn't notice or didn't care about (either is possible, neither would surprise me) that has caused this turn of events. Nonetheless I eat it as I won't get a chance for more food until nine o'clock tonight as I have four hours of martial arts after work.

Things to do in the near future but lacking a specific deadline:

Write back guardian852
Call tiredofwired
Watch those Netflix movies that have been on my dresser for over a week.
Finish Core Comp I text book.
Make mayonaise.
Make creme brulee.
Actually play a few hands of l5r with orochinagi and company.
Make that damn Crane dueling deck.
Figure out how to do that cool new bolero move that seems to lack any lead whatsoever.
Convert that fun foxtrot sequence to American tango.
Start the "new" Terry Goodkind book.
Do a real post.
Remember to bring my camera with me to some of/any of the fun things I do.
See a Malards game.
Pick up new acne med.
Figure out if I'm going down to Chicago for Cherry Poppin' Daddies.
Research dancing in Indy.
Locate Imperial swing teacher (yes, I know they only dance it in St. Louis. That's not the point).
Talk to Althea about west coast and Argentine tango lessons.
Make a firm decision about katori.
Talk to l5r players about restarting that campaign.

Yeah, that should keep me busy.

Unrelated news: had my first vacation request approved today. I'll be in Philly for Thanksgiving (Wednesday evening to Sunday) and Christmas (the 21st to at least the 29th and possibly the 1st).

One of those days

Details will follow later but here's the short of it: tonight I experienced something that has a high probability to affect what I do with the rest of my life.