July 15th, 2006


So Awesome

In spite of reservations about traveling to Milwaukee, I sucked it up and went. I'm glad I did. The show was awesome beyond words.

On the drive over I thought about who I knew in Milwaukee that might also like the concert. Two people came to mind but I didn't have their numbers. Fortunately I'd saved the Facebook text message that told me how to text message them to get people's profiles which in turn revealed canetonlaid's cell phone. So I got to hang out with her, her friend Kate, and damn_robots. Seeing them was loads of fun. Man I'd forgotten how cool Cane is or how much fun Damn Robots is. They just win.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy did two shows. The early afternoon show was well-attended, though not bursting. There was actual room to dance, though not much. The second show was huge. It was like doing salsa at Latin Palace on a good night: no space. I had to improvise a lot of steps and figure out blues dancing on the spot just to minimize the inevitable collisions. The dancing was incredible. The music was incredible. God their great performers. Now I'm babbling but it was just so nuts fucking good. Best concert ever. I bought a CD.

Afterwards I'd honestly soaked my shirt through as heavily as if I'd jumped in a lake. No exageration. For the drive home I took it off and rolled the window down while drinking two quarts of orange juice. I wasn't naked but it stil felt so good to have the wind on my skin.

I'm very happy.