July 11th, 2006



Life continues to go very well. Epic continues to look better and better. Training could be vastly more exciting but I'm starting to get the sense of what my job will entail and that's exciting. Plus they do good work. As in morally good. I'm aware that I'm being fed a corporate line but I believe it. Throw in the fact my coworkers are amazing and I'm feeling pretty jazzed.

In other news I became more of an old man than ever before yesterday when I yelled at a bunch of kids to get off my lawn. Damn kids. To elaborate, they were setting off fire crackers around highly flamable material and setting off car alarms. If they try this again I'm getting their parents (whom I've seen before and I suspect will do nothing) and then calling the police. Can't wait to move out of here when all I'll have to deal with are the downtown drunks.

Curiosity: Panera's network is blocking YouTube and Least I Could Do for mature content but giving me access to Something Positive and Penny Arcade. WTF?

And more stuff from this weekend: Saturday was Arts on the Square. I got prints for the new apartment, several of them from my Epic Mentor's brother. I'm really looking forward to decorating. And then there was the katori seminar with sensei Mark Jones. Jones is the highest ranked katori sensei in the US. He's this small, skinny man who looks like an accountant (don't be fooled. He's really a computer programmer!) who you wouldn't think could do anything. Then he puts on his gi and still looks like he can't do anything. Then he holds a sword and still looks like he can't do anything. Then he moves and you wonder why you're still alive. *spasms*

Oh, and lastly after one of his shows at Ren Faire I talked to Christophe the Insulter. He's looking for a new assistant so I'm considering going back this Saturday to audition. It would be awesome but it would also mean comitting my weekends to Faire and I don't know if I want to do that. We'll see.

Oh, and lastly lastly, if anyone has pictures from l5r larp of Tainted Bryce, Jinx, Dan, Caitlin as Yasuke and Fumiko, Indy, Rookie (as a Scorpion), or the Nick the highschooler I'd appreciate your sending them my way.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is playing in Milwaukee in three days! How did I not know about this?

On Friday they take the stage as part of Easttown's Bastilles Day celebration. They've got two shows, plus there's some tango thing and a Hell of a lot of other swing. Sorry UWMBDA, I'm heading to this. Anyone who wants to come along is welcome. Details for the events are here (warning: .pdf file). I'm not scheduled for training that day and there's nothing happening at Epic so I'll be getting up early (read: my usual 5:00 AM) to study then probably heading out around 2:00 or 3:00. Let me know if you're interested. I can rework travel times to accomodate rides.