June 22nd, 2006



5 o'clock in the goddamn. Why am I still up? I'm lying in bed, listening to soft jazz. What can I do to be tired?

Easy Money

Go here. It's filling out surveys. They take about ten minutes and last five minues each. You generally get one or two a week that you can do at your leisure. This is not a scam and I'm not getting money to refer you.

The Lakehouse

I saw The Lakehouse last Monday. The movie centers around two people who discover that although they live two years apart they can send each other letters through the mailbox of the lake house they both own. The cinematography was absolutely gourgeous, the writing was solid, and Keanu Reeves' monotone expressions actually worked better than anything he's been in since The Matrix. This is the best movie I've seen in theaters in over a year. I cannot recommend it high enough.