May 31st, 2006


Life in General

I haven't really updated in awhile so here's a quick rundown of what's been going on lately.

Sunday was abmann and 's Lord of the Rings marathon. feodoric and phoenix_snake came so I got to see them again, plus meet a new Kate. The movies were fun and there was lots of tasty food. We tried Double Entendres and found them tasty, very rich, and very creamy. They truly are desert drinks, as in you drink them instead of desert. ABM asked a bit about Epic and it all went rather well.

After the party I headed over to the Freehold for the first Mage game. I think it got off to a good start, especially as it was the first time I've ever really been able to get players talking about philosophy in character. Needs to be a bit less heavy-handed next time but a good beginning.

Monday was Memorial Day but, more importantly, mythic flew in. I got to see her and guardian852 before she leaves for Minnesota then Africa Ecuador. We went for a walk in Nashotah Park, Guardian's old stomping grounds, despite an adventure involving locking my car keys in the trunk and AAA. Guardian's family fed and watered us, we watched Waiting (disturbingly accurate portrayal of working in a restaurant), and hung out just talking. Mythic came back to Madison with me, and after spending the night in the guest room, we had breakfast with adsartha, draconicmist, and ghent_the_cynic. Then it was over to the freehold where we hung out on the docks with resplendant_sun, runthebear, and rouxgoss. Finally I drove Mythic back to Milwaukee and headed over to American Family.

Now AmFam had brought originally me in for two interviews then decided they didn't want me. Their human resources department must have liked me, however, because they brought me back to interview with a different department. This interview lasted 7 minutes, 42 seconds exactly and I got a job offer. I had not, however, heard from Epic yet. Opting for the safets route I told them to start the background checks while I waited.

The day continued to be solid as there was an excellent aikido class and then the final lesson for my beginning West coast swing class. I did not have the energy to make it to l5r, unfortunately, but perhaps when I get back from Philly.

This morning I called Epic and told them about the AmFam offer, to which they said I'd have answer by Friday. Imagine my surprise when, while writing this update, I got a call back from them asking to come in for another round of interviews, these for the quality assurance position, a technical writing position, and a customer service position. I'm taking this as a very good sign. The only downside is I may. need to cut my Philly trip down to a weekend, including cutting out the Lindy exchange. That would make me sad, but stil...

I am very excited.