May 26th, 2006



Had my second interview with American Family. I thought it went well but apparently not as they decided I wasn't right. Still the HR guys seem to love me since they want me to come back on Tuesday to interview for a different position, this time in claims. Once again it's not perfect but it may be suitable. We'll see how it goes.

More importantly I had my interview and tour with Epic today. I'm pretty sure I rocked the interview but don't think I tested as well as I could. The personality section went well, as did verbal. Math and logic gave me some trouble, though, and had a lot of trouble with the programing section. Of course when I think I had trouble on standardized testing that normally means 85th percentile. We'll see how things go. I have hope and confidence.

There's dancing tonight. I'm looking forward to dancing.

Edit: Dad just called. :)

New Drink


"I was out drinking last night and I asked the bartender for a double-entendre... so he gave it to me!"

* 1 1/2 oz Dark Creme de Cacao
* 1 whole Egg
* 1 tsp Powdered sugar
* 2 tsp Light cream
* Nutmeg

Mixing instructions:

Shake all ingredients (except nutmeg) with ice and strain into a collins glass. Sprinkle nutmeg on top and serve.