May 23rd, 2006


Job stuff

Had an interview with Spherion, an staffing company today, applying for a position with American Family Insurance. The job isn't perfect - mostly office duties but with the possibility of doing some writing and PR work too. Unfortunately pay looks like it'll be a bit lower than I was hoping for but not deal-breakingly lower. It's not my first choice but could work out, and I did get invited to come back for a second interview tomorrow with the woman who would be my direct supervisor. Seems a good sign.

Then this afternoon there was a call from Enterprise Rent-a-Car about their manager training program. Don't have a whole lot of info but they're going to call to schedule an interview. Could work out.

And lastly I got another e-mail from Epic. Seems they liked the phone interview and want to bring me in for a tour and to take a few more tests. Apparently they're considering me for the Quality Assurance division, not my first choice but not a bad one by any means. I should talk to abmann to get a bit more info about it.

Feeling pretty confident about now.