May 18th, 2006



Because I'm cheap and have a free account I can't post real polls, but if you're nice you'll respond with a comment.

Thursday Poll:
What the Hell am I going to do with all this tilapia?

I ache and celebrate

Despite being one of the gentlest martial arts in the world, there are two painful aspects in aikido: learning to roll and yankyo. When you learn to roll you inevitably end up banging and bruising and thumping on the mat. When someone does yankyo they pinch down on a nerve clustr in your wrist that makes your whole body surrender. So guess what we did in noon class today?

Learning to roll without using your hands followed by rolling out of yankyos where your hands had gone dead. I ache. Despite this I'm still going to I don't think I'm up for katori tonight.

And on a very different note, I think I did pretty well in my phone interview this afternoon with Epic. Hopefully I'll hear from them soon.