May 17th, 2006


Job, Dance, and Friends

Yesterday was excellent. There were more job applications and enjoyable essay reading (hint: I transcribed it). But three parts truly excelled.

First, I had an interview with Abercrombie and Fitch for a manager training program. It's not the perfect job but seems pretty good. Manage eighty to ninety kids working five to ten hours a week each, run the store, and all that jazz. On the plus side decent money and employee discount. It honestly seems like it would be fun. The interviewer and I seemed to get along really well; I had solid answers for all her questions, was active in the conversation, and oh yeah, she was an English major too and considers it exceptionally useful in the workplace. Hopefully I'll hear from them in about a week.

After the interview I had aikido weapons class for more jo work, then west coast lessons. Despite missing last week's lesson to go to the senior dinner I caught up in short order (left side tuck turns), then nailed the new move (some sliding wrap who's name I can't remember). Next week we learn the whip which seems like a retarded (meaning slowed down, not stupid) version of a lindy swing out. After class I took my reputation in my hand and confirmed it with my instructor (lindy, despite being the original swing, is often seen as an east coast swing and there's a huge rivalry between easties and westies). Not only was he excited that I did lindy, apparently he does it too and confirmed the ties between swing outs and whips. And knows a fair amount about aikido and showed me a few things I can't remember to incorporate aikido into dance. I won't be trying those any time soon but it was a cool conversation about connectivity, movement, and ties between dance and martial arts.

Then I headed over to Frances Street to make dinner with runthebear, resplendant_sun, lex_of_green, and rouxgoss. Apparently the broschetta was a hit. Recipe follows below. BK and lerite came over, and I was happily surprised when she informed me we're on speaking terms again. There was hanging out, a ridiculous sword manual, and lots of cuddling. A great end to a good day.

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Madison People

Free live music tonight on Monona Terrace from 5:30 to 7:00. The band is a rockabilly/blues band, very snappy. Samples can be heard here. If anyone wants to come hear them with me let me know or just meet me there.