May 6th, 2006



Why did Alexander drinks go out of fashion? And who decided to start using half-and-half instead of real cream? I want a name, damnit!

I have good days and bad days. Both Friday and today are good days. Right now I'm cooking Indian food as I did last Thursday. The entire house smells like curry. I've also got a test run of creme brulee going plus a test custard so there's a nice hint of vanilla in the air. It'll be exciting when the creme brulee finishes. Real men cook with fire. It's nearly as manly as mopping or growing yams.

Last night was the last UWMBDA dance of the semester. Hopefully the first summer dance will be May 29; if not then I'll miss the first while in Philly but should be here for the rest. Madison is as good for dance as I'd hoped it would be. Lindy hop, west coast, ballroom, etc. No more Jumptown (Lindy hop) til the Fall but I'll be starting ballroom lessons with Badger Ballroom Dance Team, not for competition but they should improve my form significantly. And one quarter of the time will be spent on bolero *swoons*

Katori is still amazing and driving me crazy. Exact. Opposite. Of. Everything. I. Have. Been. Taught.

Parents coming out in a week for graduation. I miss them and can't wait to see them.