April 22nd, 2006



So I've been quiet lately. That's largely because I'm spending most of my time looking for jobs. Really not a whole lot to talk about.

Last night was pretty good. I was originally planning on going dancing but was absolutely not in the mood. This had me feeling very depressed about the prospect of spending Friday night in and alone. In spite of my reservations I made myself go to aikido. This was absolutely the right decision and had me feeling better when I left the dojo two hours later. I still wasn't in the mood for dance but knew I wanted to do something fun for myself.

On the way home I stopped by Copps and picked up groceries. When I got home, at about 9:00, I made myself stuffed pork chops, garlic mashed potatos, and Ceaser salad. I opened up a bottle of Rosemont shiraz and proceeded to enjoy a lovely meal while watching The Aristocats (ask me why that was an ironic choice), which I enjoyed a great deal. After finishing the meal I made myself a confuzzled face contortion as a digestif. It felt exceedingly classy.

Today I watched my fourth katori shinto ryu class. This was the last one I needed to observe so I'll become a student on Thursday. Should be awesome. I finally saw niten style which looks very different from how I expected, much more circular and much less espada y daga than I had anticipated. Very cool. As was the naginata work I saw.

Nearly done the battle stories for the kotei fictions I'm doing. Just three more and then the big Thunders' battle. Should have it done by next week.

And lastly, Eric and I viewed apartments on Thursday. We found a really nice two bedroom. It's a hundred more than I'm paying now but a much better place in a much better location. I need to talk to my parents about cosigning but it looks pretty tight.

Dancing tonight! UWMBDA semi-formal!