April 19th, 2006


Weird Habits

Tagged by tiredofwired.

List 6 weird habits and/or things about yourself...and when you've convinced all and sundry that you're a freak, tag 6 more people to mock.

1. I will watch nearly any movie, no matter how bad, for the promise of a fight scene. After the scene finishes I will continue to watch the movie.

2. I can't turn off internet radio while a song is still playing.

3. Supermarket sushi is one of my favorite meals in the world.

4. I get scared by loud, sudden noises, frequently jumping.

5. I tend to have violent reactions when people unexpectedly touch me.

6. I intentionally set hte alarm clock earlier than I have to get up for the sole purpose of going back to sleep.

Six people, eh? Let's go with lacrimawanders, guardian852, d33pthought, shadow1869, draconicmist, and lady_fox.