April 14th, 2006


Last Few Days

So I haven't really updated since Sunday night. Monday and Tuesday were pretty dull, though on Monday I started the next set of Jumptown lessons, the last one for the year. I really need to start going out and dancing lindy, not just taking lessons. It's the only way I'll get good enough thta I can stop feeling embarassed every time I try to lindy with someone. Maybe I'll try out Badger Bowl this Wednesday night.

On Wednesday I went down to Beloit for the big battle that finished larp. Pictures will hopefully be up soon though most of hte game was tabletop style. Michio still didn't get his destiny which, I think, actually makes for a better story than anything that would have happened. All should culminate in a small personal climax in the last story which will take me awhile as I seem to have promised about thirty pages of writing for other people. I'm totally the new Shiba.

The big experiment to see how I felt as a result of not going to the seder was rather conclusive: I didn't miss it. Tonight when I went down to Beloit again for the college's seder I enjoyed it but for social rather than religious reasons. I'm not really sure how to esond to all of this. I love the philosophy and theology of Judaism but the practice just isn't doing anything for me. I think the solution is I should practice it in an academic fashion. Today I'm going to start looking for adult Jewish education classes.

On the way home from Beloit clouds had rolled in and lightning began. No rain, not even thunder, just lightning. It flashed the entire way from Beloit to Madison and called to me too much to go straight home. I turned away from my house and followed it to Tiedman Pond, a large body of water bordering on lake status. I parked and walked the long path under the overhanging bare trees to the shore. There was still no rain but the sky was on fire. Sheet lightning, long jagged forks, short arcs from cloud to cloud. The wind howled all around me. I took off my shirt nd let it touch me skin as the sky danced. For about half an hour I stood there, letting everything wash over me and then the rain started. Not much rain, just a few drops, but each felt like a needle on my back. Painful but real. Sublime. And not a little erotic.

In other news I'm no longer working at the Sheraton. Get to work on resumes today.