April 9th, 2006


Yams and Mops

The yam is a men's crop. The mop is a men's cleaning tool. Mmm, men...

Work sucked. I'm quitting this job. I don't want to relate the entire tale but basically I'll be making about sixty-five cents a table. This is bullshit, I can do better. I haven't decided if I'm going to quit right away or hold on while I find something better, but this won't work. I think I'll see what the situation is in a week.

After work I drove down to Beloit. A posse was supposed to go see Take the Lead but people bailed until it was just shadow1869 and myself. It was still extremely fun and we had a lot of good jokes about the movie and fun conversation both before and after. The movie was actually surprsingly good, not just amazing choreography but some really incredibe cinema. Writing could have been much better ("Who needs subtext when we have text?") but the cinematography was out of this world. Six page paper good. I may get the DVD just so I can analyze the camerawork.

Larp blew me away this week. Next game is Wednesday which I may or may not be able to go to as that's the first night of Passover and that's just not something I'm willing to miss out on in return for gaming. I wish I'd known this when they asked people if Wednesday work. Maybe I can go for just the first hour. I hope.

The dance tonight was great. Shadow was there, guardian852 came down, a lot of the BSFFAs showed up. Guardian dropped the challenge but Shadow and I finished the whole night still going strong. We need a marathon to settle this. After dance we went back to not-Phi Psi for tea and conversation. It was random and lovely.

I'm feeling a little bummed now so I'm just gonna sign off. It really was a great night.

Lindy exchange

So apparently there's a lindy exchange in Philly this summer from June 2-4. I think this is the best indication about when I should visit home I could have received. So east-coasters, I'll be back there about this time. Dancers in the surrounding area (lacrimawanders, shadow1869, d33pthought, Katie, chuhuze) you should all come. I can probably host one or two people, though I don't think this'll be an issue for most of you but if you know any others who need a space let me know.

Wow, this is great. Just what I needed to hear right now.


So tomorrow I give notice. I'm rather excited.

There was game tonight. It went much better than last time. Man I love running multiple conspiracies. It also looks like I'll be moving in with Eric (one of my l5r players) and his friend Greg in the near future. It's downtown, three bedroom, utilities included, $407 a month, and comes with live-in geeks of excellent caliber.

Now the downside: I'm having what amounts to a crisis of faith. Basically Jewish rituals have started to feel meaningless to me. This started back in September where I had one of the most onerous Rosh Hashanah services of my life. Ceremony is normally extremely important to me, regardless of the circumstance, but I just can't seem to care about the seder for Passover. So the end result is I won't be going to the first ceremony this Wednesday. I will be going to the second on Thursday and I will be keeping kashrut but beyond that... we'll see.