April 7th, 2006


Birthday Meme

Go to www.wikipedia.com and enter your birthday, no year.

Paste the best.

June 13

1645 - Miyamoto Musashi, Japanese swordsman, dies.
1774 - Rhode Island becomes the first of Britain's North American colonies to ban the importation of slaves.
1777 - American Revolutionary War: Marquis de Lafayette lands near Charleston, South Carolina, in order to help the Continental Congress to train its army.
1865 - William Butler Yeats, Irish writer, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1939), is born.
1913 - Great Gorge and International Railway trolley passes under garbage chute in Niagara Falls, New York when it breaks, covering the passenger-loaded car in garbage.
1917 - Germany bombs London
1920 - The United States Postal Service rules that children may not be sent via parcel post.
1934 - Adolf Hitler and Mussolini meet in Venice, Italy; Mussolini later describes the German dictator as "a silly little monkey".
1942 - The United States opens its Office of War Information, a center for production of propaganda.
1966 - The United States Supreme Court rules in Miranda v. Arizona that the police must inform suspects of their rights before questioning them.
1967 - Solicitor General Thurgood Marshall is nominated as the first African American justice of the United States Supreme Court.
1983 - Pioneer 10 becomes the first manmade object to leave the solar system.
1983 - Alexander Jacobs, the coolest person ever, is born.
1986 - Benny Goodman, American musician (b. 1909), dies.

Bid Day

First, I finished my newest l5r fic. This may be my favorite one yet, maybe even more than three. On the l5r note there was also a real good blue booking session today with fynixsoul.

Some other good stuff today:

- I got a good amount, if not a great amount, of writing done today. Real writing. Screenwriting.
- I'm housesitting for a month for my sensei. Not only will this mean having a place to myself but they're giving me a free ride on a month and a half of dues in return.
- Aikido tonight was amazing. Great jo work followed by prepping for kyu tests which I'll hopefully be ready for in July.
- Ballroom dance tonight was great. I like UWMBDA. I'm thrilled they're continuing over the summer.

And tomorrow I get to sleep in! Granted that means until 5:15 but that beats 4:30 in the goddamn. Then Take the Lead, larp, and more dancing. Huzzah!