April 1st, 2006


Work, dance, and game

So at work today just about everything that could have gone wrong, short of the kitchen catching fire, did. The hotel was at 98% capacity which meant we got rushed. Unfortunately the cook didn't make nearly enough back ups for the buffet which we were pushing on people as per instructions (it makes our life easier when things get busy and it is a good buffet). So people begin complaining. Then our computer system goes down. So people start complaining. Then we run out of silverwear and napkings and... you get the idea.

We survived. We comped a lot of meals. Everyone left for the convention (that's why we were so full) which meant no one was there for lunch and I got to leave early. The upshot was I got to make it to an Invasion workshop I thought I was going to miss. You know what I was complaining about with swing lately? Well here's the description of the workshop:


You say these are two different topics? Not when you remember that musicality comes directly from a dancer’s connection with the music and his or her partner. This class will focus on improving connection where it is needed the most and offering suggestions to bring out your latent musicality. Careful, you may be a different dancer after it’s all over!
Yeah, it may well have been just what I needed. Didn't fix everything but it's a start. The second workshop, the one teaching the big apple (solo dance craze from the... 30's?) wasn't nearly as good but I'm glad I went.

Afterwards I headed down to Beloit for Delarpia. I'll let others talk about it. I had fun and got to savor my first tragic ending but I had problems with how some things were handled. Ah well. Very pretty, I'll link when pictures are posted.

I've also decided I'm not going to the blues workshop in St. Louis as ayrynkat will be coming in from Oregon that weekend. I'll learn blues another time, I want to see Fey Fey.

And lest we forget, game tomorrow.