March 31st, 2006



So last night was the start of Invasion. Despite being up since 4:30 in the goddamn I went to the opening swing dance at 9:30 at night because of the joys of live music and the simple fact that I love the Memorial ballroom. lacrimawanders and chuzhuze were there which was a lot of fun. I only stayed for a half-dozen dances because I had to get home and get sleep but it was fun. To be honest I'm starting to get bored with swing dancing. Not swing music, just the dancing. It's not that I need to learn more moves but I need to get better at the ones I know. What I'm doing now feels graceless. Grace made waltz fun, every other dance I know better, so I should work on tightening up my swing. And getting my lindy to the point that I can actually dance it. And reign in my ego on the dance floor, that one's key.

I don't think I'm going to the second dance tonight. Too tired. It'll be sleep.

Sorry if last night's post freaked anyone out. Hit me up for details.


Who was the man on the spot today? Was it me? It may well have been.

I speak of my noble efforts in the service industry. At lunch today a woman asked for a bloody Mary. What were we to do? There were no bartenders on duty. There wasn't even any mix in the bar. Whoever could serve this woman the beverage she wanted? Who would allow our restaurant to fulfill its stated mission of giving our customers what they wanted regardless of the menu of the hour?

In this land of desperation walked I. A lowly waiter, yes, but a lowly waiter who, known only to a select few, had training as a bartender.

Seeking out my manager I secured permission to enter the bar. To my left were pint glasses. I filled one with ice in short order. Vodka? Well vodka, there! Two ounces for I needed her to like this drink. And then for the mix... We had none. What was I to do?

Passing quickly through the kitchen I asked the chef to cut my some celery. As he began his task I retrieved a pitcher of tomato juice from the cooler and balanced the glass. That included the basics but lacked the zest of a true bloody Mary. Flashback to bartending class. To make your own bloody Mary mix take tomato juice and add the following: salt, pepper, tobasco juice, worcestershire sauce. Good, good, it was coming along. Now it just needed one thing to be perfect, the secret ingredient of the world's greatest bloody Mary mix. I saw the cook again and got the jar of ******* *****, added a pinch, and mixed everything together with the celery.

The woman loved it. Victory! Not just for her but for me for now I had bartending credence with all the managers, not just the one who hired me.

But behold the tale does not end there for at closing time it was revealed that Clara, the woman hired as a bartender instead of me, hadn't come in for her shift. In fact she hadn't come in for her shift on a previous day. Given that we'd been working less than two weeks this is not a stellar record, specifically as one unexecused absence is supposed to be automatic termination.

Was I given her job? No.

But I was promoted to back-up bartender and shown how to set up the bar.

It's a start.