March 27th, 2006


So tired

Concert was fun. Turns out hte casino lounge they were booked in was a bar. Just a bar. Nothing but a bar. I'm reminded of descriptions I've heard of Elvis fans seeing him in Vegas. This was below them, they shouldn't have had to play this smokey, crowded glitzy place. But they did. Half the band was clearly upset about having to be here while the others were able to get into the music anyway. There was exceptionally little dance space.

And it was worth it. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is one of the most energetic and entertaining bands I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. Their music was phenomenal, and despite the detachment most people put forward (it was like they were watchign television), the lack of dance space, and the absence of dancers, the music madeup for it. guardian852 is a great dancer, not only technically but energetically. When not dancing with the few other dancers we did a few turns together. Following's getting easier.

After the set we took to the casino, by which I mean I watched Guardian play craps while I enjoyed a Manhattan. In retrospect a double-liquor beverage combined with sleep deprivation and my normally low tolerance was not hte best idea. I considered getting some chips and trying blackjack but a big flashing "warning" in the back of my head convinced me these were not the circumstances in which I wanted to learn to gamble. After Guardian's game we left the casino, had a good conversatoin on the way home in which my intoxicated ramblings only slightly embarassed me, and listened to The Last Five Years. The drive was long enough I actually sobered up and was able to make it home. I'm not dead yet but close.

Good night. Worth it in every way.