March 26th, 2006


I'm not dead yet

Got out of work an hour early. Considered napping but think it would screw me up worse than just staying awake. This post will be disjointed. This is me not caring. At all.

Recently I wrote an in-character manual on swordsmanship for larp. God this game is good

Last night was the Faerie Tale Ball. While I admit I sieze any opportunity to wear a tuxedo this was a pretty good one. The music was excellent. People's costumes were incredible. mythic and returnofglitter did an absolutely amazing job. Had a lot of fun dancing with everyone there. Completely worth the exhaustion. I have no regrets about last night whatsoever.

Hopefully there will be pictures soon.

Work was exhausting today based on those three hours of sleep. Make that two. Falling asleep took forever. Good tips, though. And an obscene amount of orange juice. Profane, really. One might say the amount of orange juicce I consume while working can offend the entirely heavenly host.

One hour til I head to Milwaukee.