March 25th, 2006



Game tonight was awesome. Lots of fun, handled absolutely beautifully by the GMs, and great interactions. Michio's very happy about how things went, even his defeat (Paneki is at least rather honorable, and historically the Crane and Scorpion have worked together very well in the Imperial magistrates and legions. The Crane designed the contest, the Scorpion designed the magistrate system). I have my new character fic up at the l5r forums. It's from before this session (approval took awhile) but still relevant. Next entry should be... interesting.

Also, I'm going to die tomorrow.

Edit: Because reality said otherwise.

2:00 PM - Wake up. Yes it's late but you'll see why.
6:30 AM: Wake up when my boss calls. The entire regular waitstaff called in sick.
7:30 AM: Get to work.
2:00 PM: Scheduled to leave work.
2:45 PM: Actually leave work
3:00 PM - Connect with runthebear and adsartha. Dinner will probably be involved at some point.
3:15 PM: Get home.
3:30 PM: Go to sleep
7:30 PM Wake up
8:30 PM - Rendezvous with adsartha, runthebear, and possibly lady_fox. Leave for Beloit
9:30 PM - Get to Beloit
10:00 PM - Fairie Tale Ball!!!
1:00 AM - Leave Beloit
2:15 AM - Get home
2:30 AM - Take a nap
4:30 AM - Wake up
5:30 AM - Leave for work
6:00 AM - Clock in
1:00 PM - Clock out early. Consider napping. Rejected.
2:00 PM - Clock out. Go home.
2:30 PM - Take a nap

3:30 PM - Wake up. Leave for Milwaukee.
5:00 PM - Get to guardian852's house in Milwaukee. Head to Green Bay.
7:00 PM - Get to Green Bay.
7:30 PM - Concert!!!! Big Bad Voodoo Daddy!!!!
9:30 PM - Concert ends. Go back towards Milwaukee.
11:30 PM - Get back to Milwaukee. Drop off Guardian. Head to Green Bay.
1:00 AM - Get back to Madison.
1:01 AM - Die.