March 18th, 2006


Happy St. Patrick's Day

I know it was happy for me.

For starters, I have a new job. I'm starting as a server at the Madison Sheraton. It's not the best paying shift but it's easy to make and will free me for evening classes. That means more aikido and dance classes. It has the possibility of promotion to bartender in the lounge and, if I choose, I can be trained to work front desk or as a chef. But the real reason I'm so excited about this job: health and dental. I cannot express how rare these are in the service industry. Or paid vacation. And with a little luck a discount hotel room downtow for GenCon. Kick. Ass. Benefits package.

This evening abmann and lady_fox had people over to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. This involve rushing around to get my shepherd's pie (I can cook Irish!) ready but it came out pretty well for my first time. There was much drinking and movie ignoring in favor of good conversation. ayrynkat, whom I miss desperately, called at some point and though I was too intoxicated to give her the clarity she deserved it made me excessively happy to speak to her.

It's days like this I love my life.