March 15th, 2006


Real Update

Let's try actually talking about what's been going on.

I've been writing this week. Full-time writing, as previously stated, is a thoroughly nerve-wracking experience. It is the point at which one has to stop talking about writing and start actually doing it. In fact, take back what said about nerve-wracking. It's thorughly terrifying. My first experience as a full-time writer was two summers ago when Jessa and I were living in Rockton. I'd been unable to find a summer job and so resolved to live off my savings and try this actual writing thing. During the summer I pushed out two screenplays, one of which was actually rather decent if I may say so myself. That proved that I could actually produce material as a writer.

The greatest danger about full-time writing is distraction. At the same time distraction is thoroughly necessary. Writing, much like pounding one's head against the wall, is pleasant mainly because it stops. Distractions provide one an escape from the pain when it becomes necessary but at the same time make it incredibly difficult to get going again. For me the hardest stage of writing is also the most important: outlining. Outlining is the point where the story truly takes form, it is the map in the wilderness of ideas that tells me not just what happens but why. And it is difficult, it is bushwacking through a jungle of vines an thorns and tedium.

It also has the merit of being what I've chosen to do with my life.

So that's writing. Then there's social. Last night I met up with some people at Netherword who are teaching me the l5r CCG. It's a pretty good game and I think I'll enjoy it. It's also apparent there's no way I'll be ready to play in the kotei but I may go anyway just to meet some new people; we'll see. Eric, the guy who contacted me after runthebear graciously highlighted my flier, was very helpful about helping me design a deck. I don't like the strategy he encouraged but he's receptive about helping me work out the strategy I want to do. I even got to play a game and managed to get out 3 of my 5 rings, not at all bad for my first time playing with the most difficult win condition.

After game I came back home, watched an absolutely wretched movie, and the went and had absolutely wretched Mexican food and good conversation with vicalis.

Good day.